We here at ahairguide.com enjoy reviewing hair products for both Men/Women. As you most know, finding the best products, can cost you hours of your time. We have taken the time to do this for you, so you dont have to!  this is ofcourse not a charity and we do get a commision out of it.rik-website-photo

Rik Brinker

My Bio
I am the creator of ahairguide.com and entrepreneur at heart ( does not like school).

Writing reviews is something i love doing! unfortunately i am not a beauty expert (except on beards) so i do hire writers that are more knowledgeable on certain subjects then me.

My Hobbies

I have a great passion for meditation, yoga and running. I hope to be making websites on these subjects in the future, aswell as write a book.

I have amazing friends that i like to spend time with, when im not working. Playing games or watching a  movie ( lord of the rings) is also something i like doing in my spare time.