The Best Wax for a Brazilian Wax

ImageNameIngredientsVolumeHot or Cold WaxIncluded with PurchasePrice

Cirepil Blue Wax, 14.11 Ounce TinJojoba oil14.11 ounce HotNothing
Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit, 14 OunceSoybean and Olive Oil14 ounceHotA complete kit

Wax Necessities Film Hard Wax Beads, NaturalCoconut Oil and Beeswaxpacket 35.27 ozHotOnly the wax
Extra Strength Hair Removal Waxing Kit Men + Women, All Natural (10 oz)Avocado oil10 ouncesHotComplete kit

Persian Cold Wax Kit Body sensitive skin formula 8 OuncesHoney and Citrus Extracts8 ouncescoldcomplete kit

One of the most unpleasant experiences is having a Brazilian Wax also known as the “bikini wax.” As the weather, starts warming up you can agree with me that it becomes a necessity! You want to show off your bikini line and gorgeous legs for all to see.

However, spending time at the salon can become expensive for a fix-up “down there.” Alternatively, you may want to give the trustworthy razor a rest – either way, some other solutions do exist, and that is having a home wax in the comfort of your home. Having the best wax for a Brazilian wax at home does not need to be a horrible experience! I’ll show you the best at-home bikini wax kits to make your hair removing a joy!

I cannot promise that it will not be painful but once you do get the hang of it and start using your bikini wax kit regularly it will become easier with my helpful tips. If this is not your first time waxing, I’m sure you have an old time favorite and if you are a beginner make sure to read my best wax for a Brazilian wax review to find a product suited for you.

Some Helpful Tips to Help Ease the Pain

No matter what type of waxing kit you use for your Brazilian wax from hard wax, rub on waxes, microwavable wax to cold wax – follow these helpful tips to help ease the pain.

When is the best time to wax?

Choose the perfect time in your day to have the best wax for a Brazilian wax, preferably when you’re relaxing at home. Take a nice hot shower to clear your skin of oil – do not use any lotion or oils if you decided on buying a hard wax. You can, however, prep yourself with an alcohol pad – oh yes and avoid using waxing if you have your period as it can become extra-sensitive. In addition, never wax after you have had a heavy night of drinking, as you will be more prone to bleeding.

What position is perfect for waxing?

Place a towel in front of the mirror and lay on the towel in a butterfly position with your soles touching – make sure there is enough bright light, as you do not want to miss any niceties.

Now, where to start

Always start from the thinnest edges such as the top inner thigh in your hip area and work your way into the thickest area. This is the best way, as you do not want the wax to be stuck with wax in the hair. Use the applicator, apply the wax in a swirling motion, and imagine that you are smearing button on bread. By doing this motion you actually catch all the hair. Once done the wax should have a depth of a nickel.

Which direction should you pull?

Always pull in the opposite direction of your hair growth – if you are starting at the top your hair grows downward and best to swirl the wax in a downward motion, and when pulling the wax pull up towards you. Once reaching your inner thighs, the hair normally grows towards the center sideways and you will have to switch from pulling the wax up or down. When you feel that the wax is tacky, it is ready for removal. In your most sensitive areas, make sure to pull the skin as tight as possible, it gives it a smoother appearance and easier to remove the wax.

Once done

Once done, compress your skin with a washcloth, and if you are tender, wipe it with witch hazel. If you are lucky and not prone to being sore or red you can rub some coconut oil over the delicate areas. In addition, follow this up after 24-hours with regular wiping with glycolic wipes as it helps to exfoliate the area and moisturize the area with coconut oil.

The Best Wax for a Bikini Wax

Made for removing difficult hair growth

Cirepil Blue Wax

For the best removal of hair, Cirepil Blue Wax has a special polymer solution in it that helps to shrink-wrap your hair. The wax is suitable to use on your bikini-line and larger areas of your body. You do not need cellophane or non-woven strips to apply it.

A Disposable Wax

Cirepil is a low-temperature disposable wax made with soothing jojoba oil. You can use the wax during the summer or winter and the manufacturer advises that you do not filter and reuse the wax.

How to apply

You can apply the wax with wooden applicators and clean it up with any wax cleaner or a similar solvent. Users that buy this product normally buy the Rayson Wax applicator with the Gigi Wax warmer as you need to warm up the wax. You will wait about 20 to 30 minutes for the wax to warm up and the manufacturer recommends you use it with the Cirepil blue lotion before applying the wax.


  • One client mentioned it leaves a blue color on the skin, while others did not have this residue left behind
  • Minor comments about the smell, it’s wax and natural
  • Leaves your skin red, this can happen if you have a sensitive skin


  • Removes hair with one application
  • No need of using too much wax to remove hair compared to other brands
  • Not as painful when using it under the arms
  • Much better than gooey honey wax
  • The wax shrinks around the hair when cooling down
  • The wax is flexible to easily pull it off
  • Causes less pain


A Best Seller

The Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit

For a complete waxing kit, you can try this best seller the Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit. The amazing thing is that it includes the Gigi wax warmer mentioned in the Cirepil Blue Wax.

A Disposable Hard Wax

For a complete waxing experience, this system’s superb as it includes the wax warmer, hard disposable wax, 10 small applicators, 10 large edge applicators, 10 petite applicators, one pre-epilating oil, and one bottle of cooling gel. Moreover, for beginners to waxing it has a super instructional DVD included.

How to use the wax

All you need to do is heat up the wax and apply it with the included applicators. Wait until the wax feels tacky and pulls it off. There is no need of using cellophane strips to remove the wax. The wax is vitamin rich as it has soybean and olive oil in it to keep your skin moisturized and smooth.


  • Can stain fabric
  • A bit hard to use if you are a beginner, but you do get used to it the more you use it
  • Does not have a fragrance


  • A superb economical alternative than visiting the salon
  • Includes full instructions
  • Gentle enough to use on the face
  • Less messy than other brands
  • Does not have a fragrance that is great for those who have a sensitive skin
  • A durable and tough wax
  • Not stringy
  • Easy to clean up
  • The wax melts fast
  • Convenient to use and easily available


A Natural Wax

The Natural Film Hard Wax Beads by Wax Necessities

The Natural Film Hard Wax Beads by Wax Necessities is extremely efficient to use as it sticks to shorter hair. According to the manufacturer, you do not need to apply the wax more than once when used.

A Throwaway Hard Wax

When you buy the wax beads, you receive the content in a packet that weighs 35.27 oz. Compared to the wax you buy in tins that you need to use up you only need to throw in the amount needed to wax certain areas. Wax Necessities recommend you use it with pre-waxing hydrophilic oil.

How to use the wax

You need to warm up the content needed and is easy to apply. Apply the wax with a fine application and leave it to harden. There is no need of using strips to remove the wax and the wax is transparent. The wax is dye-free and has no scent. The wax has coconut oil and beeswax in it.


  • Can irritate the skin as it is not an all natural product – it has other ingredients included and one is the paraffin that can cause a heat rash when applied


  • The wax does not get brittle
  • The wax is pliable and easy to remove
  • The beads heat up quickly
  • Only need to use a portion if you want to do your underarms, bikini line and more
  • Removes the shortest hair
  • Affordable


One of the Best Waxes for a Brazilian Wax

The BodyHonee Hair Removal Waxing Kit for Men plus Women

The BodyHonee Hair Removal Waxing Kit for Men plus Women is a hard type of natural wax. If you have coarse hair, this one gets the job done in no time.

No need of a wax warmer

The nice thing is that you do not need to buy yourself a wax warmer as you can warm this wax up in a microwave for 1 – 2-minutes. Once it hardens pop it back into the microwave.

A Superb Kit

The kits made up of the extra strength spa wax that weighs 10-ounces that you can heat up in a pan with filled water or in the microwave. The downside is that you need strips to remove the wax and you get eight BodyHonee strips included and may need to buy extra ones. For applying, the wax there is two wooden spatulas and there is no need of applying a thick layer as it is a strong wax. In addition, for soothing the skin you receive finishing oil included. Additionally, the wax has avocado extract oil to make your skin feel smooth.


  • A bit messy to use
  • You need to use baby oil to remove the residue left behind
  • Sticky and hard to remove


  • Heats up well
  • The wax is easy to apply
  • The included removal strips are thick and grab the hair well
  • Removes from hard to fine hair
  • Does not cause irritation to the skin even for an eczema sufferer
  • Can heat the wax in the microwave


A Cold Wax Kit

Persian Cold Wax Kit

If you have a very sensitive skin the Persian Cold Wax kits is one of the best waxes for a Brazilian wax. They have made the wax from natural ingredients of sucrose, honey, citrus extract, Arabic gum, and water.

No need of warming the wax

Some of you may think that you cannot do a cold wax you’re wrong. With the Persian Cold Wax kit, it’s possible as it is a sugar-based product. The wax is fragrance-free and long lasting. The only difference when you use this wax compared to the wax that needs warming up it is time-consuming. The process is simple:

  • Apply the wax with the included applicators
  • Once set take the included strips and remove the wax
  • Remove the residue by washing it off

Apply some talc powder

Before using the wax, apply some baby powder to the area you would like to wax as it helps with discomfort feeling when pulling the wax off with the strips. The wax is suitable for waxing your bikini line, legs, and underarms.


  • A bit time consuming and takes longer than warm wax


  • Does not give you skin irritation
  • Cleaning it up is a breeze
  • Can reuse the strips by soaking them in water and leave it to dry
  • Once client recommended that you warm it up for only 30 seconds as it will remove more hair
  • Can reuse the applicator stick just rinse it off with warm water
  • Less painful than having a warm wax
  • Affordable to buy
  • Washes off easily with water


Final Thoughts

I hope that my best wax for a Brazilian wax has helped you to find a suitable product to help remove your delicate hair. Never, let anyone tell you that waxing is not going to hurt you. No matter what type of wax you use, it is going to sting. All the mentioned at-home bikini wax kits are affordable to buy compared to having a professional body wax done. It takes time, but once you have removed all your unwanted hair you can jump into your bikini and show off your gorgeous body at the beach.