Best Safety Razor for Shaving Your Head

ImageNameDE or CartridgeIncluded with PurchaseBladePrice
Vikings Blade The Chieftain Safety Razor
DE5 blades and a travel casePlatinum
Perfecto Double Edge Long Handled Safety Razor
DEOnly the razorDoes not include the blade
3-Piece Double Edge Single Blade Safety Razor Kit
DETravel Kit with Extra BladesStainless Steel
Smoothere Simba Series DE Safety RazorDE5 blades and a PDF documentStainless Steel
Bigfoot Shaves Double Edge Razor DETravel Kit with Extra BladesStainless Steel

Are you thinking about shaving your head and need the best safety razor to do it ? No matter whether you are still deciding or have taken the plunge it is a personal preference that gives you a liberated feeling, especially if you are noticing a lack of hair growth.

When you want to give your head the bald look there are different techniques to get the best closest shave – and that is by using the best safety razor for your head. There are different safety razors available for you to buy, but choosing the best one can be a difficult task asks me I know! Here I will help you with making the right pick when choosing your safety razor to suit your needs.

Which Safety Razor Should You Use

So which safety razor should you choose the cartridge razor or double edge razor? Good question as each one has its own benefits when used. Personally, I prefer the DE safety razor, as they are suitable to use with thick gel, oil, or shaving cream and prevents the blades from clogging up.

A safety razor is easy to use and helps to shave your head quickly and moves around with ease over the angles of your head for a clean head shave. Compared to the cartridge razor the DE blades are more affordable to replace, as manufacturers always seem to ask a fortune for buying cartridge blades.

The DE razor only has a two-edged blade and exposed on the razor. Normally the blades made from durable material and the only downside is that there is a learning curve when using this type of safety razor as it can nick you and takes a bit longer.

Here you can find different types of razors that you can use for shaving your facial hair right through to your head and suitable for both men and woman to use.

The Best Safety Razor Reviews

Get a BBS Shave

The Vikings Blade Chieftain Safety Razor

For a Baby Butt Shave, the Viking Blade Chieftain Safety Razor stands out for all the right reasons. Why, when you buy this razor, you receive a high-end handcrafted Swedish stainless steel razor. The razor has a premium mix of brass and bronze alloy with 5 Platinum Blades and a travel case.

A Unique Design

The Chieftain Safety Razor has an advanced butterfly head that you can easily exchange the blade. The zero resistance micro-comb system gives you a close shave without the cuts. While the optimal heavy weight gives, you a good grip while holding it in your hand.

An Affordable Buy

When you buy the Viking, you get an International lifetime warranty and a bonus leather/suede travel case with included mirror and five platinum-coated blades. This is an exceptional buy at an affordable price.


  • Minor complaints that the blade section gets loose


  • Suitable to use for both men and woman
  • The blade covers three full shaves when used for shaving all body parts
  • Buying the replacement blades is less expensive than buying cartridge blades
  • Gives a superior shave


Makes for a great gift

The Perfecto Double Edge Razor

For the perfect gift, the Perfecto Double Edge Razor is the one to buy. The razor is a three-piece razor and chrome plated with a 3.5-inch handle.

Affordable to buy

Compared to the Viking the Perfecto Double Edge Razor does not have a butterfly opening and you need to remove the head to replace the blade. You need to buy the blades separately and can use any brand available that you can buy for as cheap as $15 or less.

The Design

The safety razors made from metal and chrome to give it a nice shiny finish and durable to use, as it will not rust. The only part that may rust is the single bolt and best to make sure that you dry the complete razor well after use. As the razor has a three-piece design, it makes it easier for you to remove the blade and replace it with a new one.


  • Prone to chipping
  • The screw attaching the razor pieces can break easily


  • Has an all metal construction that prevents it from rust
  • Has a knurled handle that gives you a solid grip
  • The three-piece design makes it easier to clean and change the blade
  • Gives a close shave


A True Classic Razor

Bigfoot Shaves 3-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor

The Bigfoot Shaves 3-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor is a true classic as it uses a single double edge blade. When you buy this specific brand you receive included a lifetime warranty and a bonus travel kit with extra blades.

The Design

With the 3-piece design, you can use any type of double edge single blade. The blade fits comfortably into the top mount and all you need to do is unscrew the razor handle. With the blade mount, it protects your skin against cuts and nicks.


The safety razor has a hefty weight handle made from durable stainless steel that prevents the razor from rust and gives you a great grip when held in your hand.


  • Some minor complaint that the handle does not give a good grip when used


  • Affordable
  • Both men and woman can use the razor
  • Gives you an excellent shave
  • Can use the blade four times longer
  • The razor head needs no pressure when you shave
  • Includes extra blades
  • Excellent customer service


A Superb Gift Box for a Close Shave

Smoothere Simba Series DE Safety Razor

For a great control and balance when shaving your head you need the Smoothere Simba Series DE Safety Razor. With the added length of the handle, it gives you superb control over the razor.

Use the razor with ease

How many times have you dropped your razor in the shower many times? Now you can prevent this from happening with the Smoothere DE safety razor as it has spiraled etching for a secure grip while shaving in the bath or shower. The razor has a durable chrome plate finish that prevents it from corrosion. The razor has a micro-comb screw that prevents clogging and makes it easier to clean.

Perfect for the beginner or the pro

Included you receive the safety razor and 5 stainless steel blades with a PDF document to give you a flawless shave. The manufacturer even covers their product with a lifetime warranty.


  • Very slippery when used with wet hands


  • The razor gives you a smooth shave
  • Inexpensive
  • Well balanced when held in your hand
  • Has a stylish look
  • Can use other DE blades with it


 The Best Double Edge Safety Razor

The Bigfoot Shaves DE Razor

The Bigfoot Shaves DE Razor gives you the best advantage when it comes to shaving your head. Why, it has a butterfly design that twists open at the top to fit the razor blade.

Designed with safety in mind

With the butterfly design, it uses a single blade constructed of stainless steel and prevents the razor from rust. The blade mount protects you from cuts and nicks as it keeps the blade secure in place. The safety razor has a tough handle for the best grip.

Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

The nice thing is that Bigfoot Shaves gives you a lifetime warranty and includes travel kit with extra blades.


  • Complaints that the stock blades included are dull


  • Includes a travel case with extra blades
  • The case has a mirror that is superb when you are traveling
  • Has a great design
  • The butterfly clasps superbly into place, keeping the blade secure
  • Great for a beginner or pro
  • The hair does not jam up the blades and cleans easily
  • Does not give you skin irritation


The Best Way to Shave Your Head with a Safety Razor

As you can see by the best safety razor for heads is the DE razor and one needs to take care, as you do not want to nick yourself in the process. So what is the best way to shave your head with a safety razor?

  1. Before you do start to shave, your head you need to remove all your hair by cutting it as short as possible with an electric shaver.
  2. Buy yourself a Badger shaving brush as you want to create enough lather to smear over your head this helps to give the safety razor a smooth glide
  3. Choose a great brand of shaving cream as it has all the vitamins and aloe to moisturize your scalp
  4. If you have shaved your head before make sure to buy some priming oil as it creates a smooth surface and protects your skin from the razor blade
  5. Make your life easier and use a mirror as you will be dealing with blind spots and prevents cuts
  6. Use short strokes as it is more consistent and do not increase pressure as this makes the blade dull and best to use a fresh blade with every shave
  7. Do not rush it and take it slow as patients is the key factor when shaving your head

Final Thoughts

Now that you have finally reached the end on how to choose the best safety razor for your head, I am sure that you will find a suitable one for your shaving needs. Using a double edge safety razor is much more affordable than buying a cartridge one. They are easier to clean and made from durable material to last you a lifetime. As durable, as they are they give you the closest baby butt shave!