Best Nose Hair Trimmer on the Market

ImageNameWaterproofTrim HeadBlade 
Professional Water Resistant Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer with LED light. Backed by a Lifetime GuaranteeYesRotaryStainless Steel
Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer with Vacuum Cleaning System, Men's, Wet/Dry, Battery-OperatedYesRotaryDual-Edge Steel
Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100, 5 attachments, QG3330YesRotarySelf-sharpening steel
Creation Springs Electra-Trim Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer with Stainless Steel Cutting BladesYesRotaryStainless Steel

Nose Ear Hair Trimmer,PrettyQueen Stainless Steel Blade Wet/Dry Clipper for Men and Women, BlackYesRotaryStainless Steel

If you’re like me, I detest finding noticeable hair in my ears and nose! That is why you need the best nose hair trimmers on the market. As a child, I use to remember my grandfather shaving his nose and ear hair and not a pleasant thing to see!

The great thing today is the latest apparatuses available on the market eradicating this problem with ease. Now you can tame those annoying hairs with the best affordable trimmers available on the market right here with me.

Made With Quality Material

The ToiletTree Professional Heavy Duty Nose Trimmer

The ToiletTree Professional Heavy Duty Nose Trimmer is a water-resistant device. The apparatus will last you a lifetime and made from quality steel.

Made for more than trimming nose hair

It has a rotary cutting system designed to trim the hair from your beard, ears, eyebrows and your nose. The system allows the hair to move freely from the tip of the top and sides catching stray hairs. With the stainless steel blades, you get a smooth cut without the pain.

Ease of use

As the nose trimmers, water-resistant, you can use it from the bath to the shower and cleans quickly when rinsing it off with water. It has a LED light that helps to see fine hairs and works with a 1 AA battery that you will need to buy separately. Additionally, you receive a lifetime warranty.


  • Minor complaint about the unit not switching off, luckily ToiletTree has an excellent customer service and more than pleased to replace the device,


  • Well made with durable material,
  • No pain when used,
  • Easy to clean,
  • No power needed works with a battery,
  • Gives a close cut with the rotary system,
  • Can use it in the bath or shower


The Trimmer with its own Vacuum System

The ER430K Panasonic Ear & Nose Trimmer

The ER430K Panasonic Ear & Nose Trimmer is unique device. WHY? This unit catches all the hair clippings in a compartment inside the trimmer and collects it through a vacuum system.

The Blades Protected

The ER430K has hypoallergenic blades that have a curve design and has a protection cap. It removes hair from within your ears and nose, but still leaves some behind to do its job in protecting them from dust. You may still need to do some passes over stubborn hairs as it has a rotary blade.

Simplicity is the name with this trimmer

The nose trimmer’s compact and you can immerse it in water to keep it clean. Another thing it might not have a dedicated design to use on your neck hair or sideburns, but does the work of keeping it styled well. The trimmers designed for men, woman, and works with a single battery.


  • Drains batteries fast and best to use rechargeable ones


  • Gives you a clean, precision trim,
  • Portable,
  • Battery-powered,
  • Use it wet/dry,
  • Has a vacuum system that collects the hair,
  • Can remove the chamber for a good cleaning,
  • Includes a travel pouch and cleaning brush,
  • Has a sexy design,
  • No pain when used,
  • The cap has a mirror


A Versatile Device

The Phillips Norelco 3100 Multigroom Trimmer

The Phillips Norelco 3100 is a full sized trimmer that’s versatile to use. Included with your purchase you receive some great giveaway attachments that include a detail trimmer, beard & mustache comb, nose trimmer, and a hair comb.

Get a comfortable trim

The 3100 nose trimmer has self-sharpening blades made from steel. The blades rounded while the combs prevent skin irritation. You can use the clipper wet or dry, as it’s fully washable.


The nose trimmer uses a NiMH rechargeable battery and takes 10-hours to charge. You have 35 minutes of battery use. It has an automatic voltage of 100 – 240 volts. Another convenience when buying this model is the great two-year guarantee you receive.


  • Would have been nice if it included a bag to keep the attachments together


  • Works very well,
  • The included attachments are great you get 5 heads and 2 trimmer guards,
  • Can use it for nose, ear, sideburns, armpits, and eyebrow hair,
  • Affordable,
  • Water-resistant,
  • Rechargeable save on buying batteries


An Economical 100% Waterproof Trimmer

The Creation Springs Electra Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

If you’re looking for the jackpot for keeping your nose and ear hair trimmed, the economical 100% waterproof Creation Springs Electra is the one to have.

The Sharpest Cut

The Electra-Trim has a dual action rotary system with stainless steel blades to give you the sharpest cut. You receive a device made from recycled plastic and rubberized grips to hold comfortably in your hand.

Convenient to take with you anywhere

The nose trimmer is waterproof and you can make use of it in a steamy bathroom. It does not need a power outlet and works with one AA battery. It has a strong, smooth running motor built with power and includes a one-year warranty.


  • Battery compartment needs attention


  • Small,
  • Lightweight,
  • Inexpensive,
  • Effective,
  • Water-resistant,
  • No power needed and works with one AA battery,
  • Great to take with you on vacation


Only for Nose & Ear Trimming

The PrettyQueen Nose & Ear Trimmer

If you’re looking for the best nose hair trimmers, PrettyQueen stands out from some of the other top models. This stainless steel clipper for men and woman will give you a smooth cut. Included you receive the trimmer, user manual, cover for the blade, and a brush.

An amazing personal trimmer

With the PrettyQueen, you can use it to keep your ear and nose hair trimmed. The blades made from quality steel and it has a rubber contour for a comfortable grip.

100% Waterproof/Water Resistant

The ear & nose trimmers 100% waterproof and you can make use of it in the bathroom and even take it with you into the shower. It works with an AA battery that you need to buy extra and requires no power outlet. Cleaning the models easy as you can rinse it under the faucet to remove the hairs.


  • A bit bulky for most women


  • Excellent blade speed,
  • Great style and color,
  • Easy to operate,
  • Battery operated,
  • Waterproof,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Great marked down price


A 3-in-1 Trimmer

HLYOON Waterproof Nose & Hair Trimmer Kit

A standout nose & hair trimmers is the HLYOON grooming kit. The hygienic trimmers easy and safe to use and includes three compatible attachments.

Great Contour Abilities

With the three exchangeable heads, you can style your facial hair and groom body hair. You receive a vertical trimmer head, transversal trimmer head, rotary trimmer, head, nose trimmer base, and a cleaning brush. It has stainless steel blades and the body of the trimmers made with durable plastic.

Optimum Control

It has a two-position head guide for trimming different types of hair from your nose to the rest of your body. It’s waterproof and powered by one AA battery.


  • Drains battery, fast depending what you use it for


  • Includes some great attachments,
  • Versatile to use,
  • Straightforward to use,
  • Works with one AA battery,
  • Waterproof,
  • Great travel kit,
  • Affordable


A Powerful No Frills Trimmer

Conair NE150

The Conair nose & ear hair trimmer has no frills attached! Furthermore, you can buy it at an affordable price and is a powerful cutting system.


The Conair NE150 is compact, lightweight, and made of durable plastic and safe to use. The device is not waterproof and works with one AA battery that’s not included.

Has a flat tip design

Compared to other nose trim devices available the Conair has a flat tip design. It does not have a rounded tip and gives you a close cut when trimming your nose and ear hair.


  • Some of the users prefer the rotary head


  • Well built,
  • Lightweight,
  • Easy to use,
  • Works with 1 x AA battery,
  • Great designs and fits comfortable in the hand,
  • Reasonably priced


For Comfort and Detailing

The Philips NT5175/49 Norelco Nose Trimmer

For precision and comfort when trimming your facial hair, the Philips NT5175/49 Norelco is a great all-in-one device. You can trim your beard, neck, sideburns, and stubble with the included attachments.

A Powerful Cutting System

The Norelco has advanced ProtecTube technology with an angled design to reach into difficult places such as the ear or nose. The models water-resistant and you can easily clean it under a tap. It has an ultra-thin foil guard to protect your skin against irritation caused by the blades. The manufacturer has backed this device with a 45-day money back guarantee and a two-year warranty.

A Grooming Kit Packed with Goodies

When buying the Philips Norelco you receive a 3mm and 5mm eyebrow comb, a 3mm beard comb, soft pouch, brush, lithium AA battery, detail trimmer, and two-year warranty. This grooming kit you can take with you anywhere with the rechargeable battery and included pouch.


  • Not entirely waterproof to use in the shower or bath


  • Has some great attachments,
  • Rechargeable,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Trims close to the skin,
  • The included pouch gives it a nice touch and keeps the accessories together,
  • Cost-effective


An Ultimate Grooming Tool

The Wahl 5545-400Trimmer

The Wahl 5545-400 trimmers made from the best materials and have some superb features that make it an ultimate grooming tool. As a bonus, you receive an eyebrow guide comb for shaping your brows.

Great Design

The Wahl nose trimmer has a great design for simplicity when used. The blades made with hygienic material to give you a painless trim with the protective cap. The hair trimmer’s lightweight and compact to take with you anywhere with the interchangeable heads. It’s battery operated and powered by one AA battery that gives you up to 90-minutes of use.


Cleaning the device is super easy by running it through running water as its 100% washable. You can even use it anywhere in the home and take it with you into the shower.


  • Not a great battery life


  • Great design and easy to use,
  • Powerful performance,
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean,
  • Has a hygienic blade that gives you safe grooming,
  • Painless trim,
  • Versatile to use for nose, ear, and eyebrows


Battery-Free Trimmer

The Platinum XL Groom Mate Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Now for a trimmer with a difference the Platinum XL Groom Mate nose & ear hair trimmer is battery free. You even receive an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Patented Design

The Platinum XL has a rotary cutting blade for gently trimming of your nostril and ear hairs. The design of the hair trimmer consists of solid stainless steel and cleaning is easy by running it through running water. It even has a small screw to remove the inner shaft for thorough cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly

Now you may be wondering if the nose trimmers battery-free it must be using power from an outlet. Guess what, it doesn’t and only uses finger-power with a simple twisting motion. This makes the nose & ear trimmer the most eco-friendly models that you can buy.


  • Need to twist it a bit longer to catch all the hair


  • Eco-friendly,
  • Great to take with you when traveling,
  • Compact,
  • Requires no maintenance,
  • Easy to clean as its water-resistant,
  • Made from durable material,
  • Includes a lifetime warranty


Final Thoughts

As you can see, I have selected some of the best nose hair trimmers on the market for you to try out yourself. Personally, two models stand out from the rest and are great! The Groom Mate Platinum XL is sure to save you loads of money, as it’s battery-free and environment-friendly. One more prominent trimmer is the Phillips Norelco 3100 Multigroom as it includes some great attachments and customers have given it a great review online for ease of use. No matter what your needs are I am sure that one of these devices stands out for you and will keep your facial & body hair well groomed.