The Top 10 Hair Tonics for Men

ImageNameStimulates ScalpRemoves loose Dandruff 
Clubman Pinaud Eau de Quinine Compound Hair Tonic, 12.5 OunceYesYes
Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic, 16 Fluid OunceYesNo
Vitalis Hair Tonic For Men, 7 Ounce

Vaseline Hair Tonic And Scalp Conditioner 200Ml
Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion, 8-Ounce Spray BottleYesNo

Throughout the years, hair tonic has been used to keep hair healthy and tame with lustrous shine. Not only do the oils help stimulate hair growth in the scalp, the follicles also become sleek and attractive. Tonic comes in many different formulas, which is why it is so crucial to know which ones have the potential to work best for you. Below is a compiled list of some of the most popular hair tonics for men on the market. Finding which formulas are the most efficient for you personally depend on your body chemistry and hair type. Different tonics have different benefits, so those factors are important to consider.


1. Clubman Pinaud Eau de Quinine Compound Tonic

Another great Clubman product, this tonic is superlative quality at a fair price. The oils will remove dandruff while nourishing your hair to the fullest. This tonic has a light, pleasant scent without being overwhelming and gives the hair nice body and shine without a greasy feeling.

Reviewers can’t get enough of this product for its desirable formula.


2. Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic

For the cool cats who want a ferocious hair style, you’re in luck with Lucky Tiger. You can’t go wrong with this classic scented tonic that hydrates, stimulates, and grooms your hair how you want it.

Since the 1920’s, Lucky Tiger has delivered professional hair products for professional looking men. Reviewers love how the fluid applies nicely to the hair without making it too greasy. This exceptional hair tonic can give anyone a distinguished look.


3. Vitalis Hair Tonic

This tonic is one of the most effective formulas you’ll find for only $10. Vitalis has proven time and time again its ability to revive dry and damaged strands. For you gents who struggle with frizzy, unmanageable hair, this tonic will be your miracle worker.

Rich oils sink deep into the follicles to tame the frizz head on. Vitalis hair tonic will be a nice addition to your hair regimen if you wish for a groomed, sophisticated look.


4. Vaseline Tonic & Scalp Conditioner

If conditioning is what you need, Vaseline will deliver. You’ve most likely heard the name and are familiar with some of Vaseline’s other amazing products. Remarkably, their hair tonic is a highly recommended item they sell.

Containing no alcohol or harmful ingredients, this tonic has a great hold on most hair types. While the fragrance has mixed reviews, it is applauded for efficiency and quality.


5. Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion 8oz

Created especially for male customers, this tonic will detangle and prime hair for further styling. Another fine product for those with damaged strands or sensitive scalps.

Includes a blend of tea tree and peppermint oil mixed with rosemary extract and lemongrass to enrich the follicles. Many customers rave about this item and swear by its specifically designed formula.


6. Clubman Jeris Hair Tonic51qkbyFCR8L._SL1000_

For the affordable price, this brand is definitely worth a try. This tonic is a lightweight, non-greasy formula that will lay a glorious sheen on your hair.

It has a clean, fresh scent that most customers agree reminds them of their youth.

Clubman is a wonderful starting brand for those unfamiliar with tonics and will absolutely keep your hair in place throughout the day.


7. Head & Shoulders Advanced Thickening Tonic71riSPWa6HL._SX425_

Head & Shoulders is not only a reputable brand by itself, it provides excellent quality products for those with sensitive scalps. Their hair tonic has ingredients specifically for moisturizing the scalp and giving the hair extra shine.

This product is sensitive enough for everyday use, which can’t be said for some competing brands. Head & Shoulders hair tonic has many positive reviews from customers that say it makes their hair thick and luminous. If paired with their full and thick shampoo and conditioner, you will absolutely see positive results.


8. SP Men by Wella Maxximum Tonic 100ml

The phrase “big things come in small packages” could not be more true. This tonic can actually diminish hair loss. While results always vary depending on the person, many customers across the internet claim their hair loss reduced after consistent daily applications, and it’s no wonder.

SP is a great brand with superb quality. This tonic contains biotin which will guarantee strong and healthy follicles while allowing you to style your hair how you want.


9. Shiseido Bravas Tonic 270ml

Shiseido provides wonderful types of hair products for men and women alike. While the price may seem undesirable to some, its formula is adored by many. This tonic makes styling easy and quick while giving your hair a thick and luxurious look.

The bottle comes in different sizes and prices depending on how much you plan to use or how much hair you already have.

A 270ml bottle is the perfect size for those who are unsure. If applied in small amounts, you’ll find great use out of this little product.
Hair tonics come in various shapes and sizes, all with the ability to groom your hair into a sophisticated masterpiece. Whether you’re a young man wishing to exude elegance or a wise gentleman yearning to enhance his appearance, hair tonic will give you the results you want.


10. Thickening Tonic

Label.m is a UK based store that sells most of their products to different countries, including the USA, Canada, other European nations. Their product line,, is specifically designed for gentlemen craving a great head of hair.

This particular tonic is a refreshing change of pace from its competitors that contains excellent ingredients to hydrate your scalp. This tonic gives volume and definition even to those with thinning or ageing hair. It is absolutely worth a try for its health benefits and ability to restore your locks.


Hair tonics come in various shapes and sizes, all with the ability to groom your hair into a sophisticated masterpiece. Whether you’re a young man wishing to exude elegance or a wise gentleman yearning to enhance his appearance, hair tonic will give you the results you want.