Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Hair Extension for Short Hair

A hair extension can be a superficial way to add beauty to your short hair. Every woman will always strive to look more attractive and glamorous. Sometimes, short hair can be very bad for your appearance as a woman, and you might occasionally fill uncomfortable around people. You might feel like you do not look beautiful, and it may affect your confidence at a workplace or even in public. One may also be a subject to a bad haircut thus prompting you to wear hair extension as you wait for long hair to grow back. The good news is that hair extensions are available for a variety of hair types, short hair included. Hair extensions will surely give you a new, catchy and scenic look to add an ingredient to your beauty. Beauty compliments the looks with confidence that is fundamental to the daily activities one has in place. It is important to have the feeling, for it greatly adds value to life.

Methods of attaching hair extensions

As mentioned above, hair extensions for short hair. Give you a new look with instant length, full and shiny hair. However, before attaching the hair extensions, you have to ensure you hair is in a healthy condition to avoid future disappointments and embarrassments. So please do not rush into attaching an extension before ensuring that it has the perfect health to support the extension effectively. The methods of attaching the hair extensions include; Weft, Clip on and Strand by Strand.

1. Strand by Strand. When using the method of attachment, small pieces of hair are attached to bits to your natural hair by bonding, clamping and shrink tubing. You may also use glue, but these are considered to be old methods that have been outdated though they still work perfectly.

2. Weft. A weft is a track where the hair is attached. Micro-rings, tape, glue or sewing are the methods applied to attach the extension to the natural hair. Micro rings use a technique where the weft is fitted together with several strands of both the weft and scalp.
Taping involves holding hair together by using transparent sided polyethylene tape. Glue is applied to the sewed part of the weft and is then fitted with the short hair.

3. Clip-on Extension. Many clip-on extensions come with Remy’s hair. They are temporary attachments that you can use on a daily basis and remove them when you want.

Finding the right hair extension

Finding the right hair extension will greatly depend on your budget and preference. For example; weft and tape-in extension is mostly used for any hair texture, but weaves are suitable for kinky and curly hair. The tape in extension is much faster to apply compared to the weaving extensions. You can also remove and reapply them meaning you do not have to purchase hair each and every time.

Also, when it comes to selecting a hair extension, you normally get value for money. The price varies greatly depending on what type of hair you select. One of the highest qualities of hair extension is the virgin Remy human hair and is more expensive.

It is also important to ensure you match your hair color with that of the hair extensions. When shopping for hair extensions, avoid hair with excessive shine since they are coated with silicon that will eventually wear out leaving your hair with mismatched colors. As for specialists, ensure you look for someone with a color background to ensure you style the hair with appropriate coloring.

Caring for your hair extension

You should take care of your hair extension just like the natural hair. For instance, be extra careful when drying your extension hair. Ensure that you first use your fingers before using a brush for styling.

Ensure that you avoid tugging and yanking at the extensions when you are brushing, but instead hold from the root and slowly detangle them beginning at the ends.

In general, handle hair extensions gently regardless of their conditions. Do not use sulfate products to style the hair and then ensure you are regularly brushing and doing frequent treatments by visiting your stylist.

One more tip, ensure that at bedtime, you put the hair in a loose braid so that it does not get matted while you are sleeping.

Styling tips

To style the hair extension for short hair effectively, it is best you use a looper brush or even a smooth styling comb. Always begin at the end part of the hair lines and gently work your way to the top. At the time, you should be probably brushing in a downward motion.

To achieve even a more satisfying outcome, ensure you use ionic ceramic styling items if possible. Ensure you first do a test curl and use the lowest temperature level that is very effective. To prolong the life of hair extensions, do not use excessively curling irons and blow dryers. Do not use heated curling irons on synthetic hair because it will lead to the hair appearing damaged.

It is also advisable that you do not try to change the coloring of hair extensions since they have gone through thorough chemical and color blending to get to their final product.

Changing your hair extension

To achieve a constant perfect look, you will have to change the hair extension at one point since the old one might start to wear out. One might decide to return to the old look and get rid of the extension. To prevent damage to your natural hair and the discomfort associated with removing the hair extension, you have to follow certain removal steps.

Take each extension at a time and then break the bond between the extension hair and natural hair using pliers. The pliers will squeeze the bond several times hence loosening the grip on the natural hair. To prevent pain in the removal process, use an extension removal solution and apply it to the bond. Once you have separated the hair extension from the bond, ensure you dispose of appropriately.

Adherence to all the instructions given above will give you the perfect results for a hair extension you desire.

Best hair extensions

Great lengths. The type of hair extensions strives to give women exactly what they need when it comes to hair beauty. The great lengths provide a hair extension that is easy to use a cutting and drying your hair.

Great lengths come in various sizes and thickness to cater for every unique hair out there. The hair comes in 40 different natural hair colors and variety of full range of wall colors. You can find the great length hair extensions, for short hair in major shops worldwide with its origins in the UK.


The Cinderella hair extension began its operations in 1994. It uses 100 percent Remy hair, which is high-quality hair ingredient for all their products. The brand is very easy to blend with the natural hair and creates a completely natural look when you wear it. Furthermore, the brand lasts for 4 to 6 months, which is a long and economic duration.

Klix Hair Extensions

The type of hair extensions does not require heat or even glue to attach. The stylist uses silicone to link the natural hair to the hair extension and gives a long lasting product. Removing the hair is also very easy, and they come in over 50 brands with different colors.

Hair Addictionz

The hair addictionz brand was established by Robert Conrad in 2007. He came up with the perfect hair extension after several trials and errors. Hand-tied hair is unique and very simple to apply (one-hour application). It is also simple to remove (15 minute removal time). The wear time for the hair extension is slightly longer with durations of 2 to 4 months.

The Hair Addictionz Company is the only company in the hair extension market to avail the tape-in color ombre hair extensions that come with over 16 attractive colors that give a stunning look. The brands are available in all parts of the world with a major client base in Europe.


The makers of the brand have done something remarkable for over the 30 years they have been in business. The hair extensions made by the company are now used in modern US Salon European Salons. Ultratress are unique in that they are placed higher on the scalp such that it allows the altering of your hair style in any direction that suits you.

The brand is also well known for its ability to add texture, volume, length and color to the natural hair and can be you can re-use it three times.


The HairUwear brand offers a variety of alternative hair extensions and accessories to provide both men and women with affordable hair extensions. The HairUwear brands are represented by Jessica Simpsons a well-known celebrity in the US. She is the ambassadors to the line and promotes the hair products from the company. The HairUwear offers their clients a choice between human and synthetic hair available in over 50 vibrant colors.