Top 10 Vitamin Products for Hair Growth

Whether hair growth is a life-long concern or a recent development, enhanced hair growth can make a world of difference in both appearance and self-confidence. Fortunately, a range of natural vitamins and supplements for hair growth are available in shops and online.



Also known as vitamin B1, this member of the B-complex of vitamins is an excellent vitamin for hair growth. Without it, hair becomes dull, brittle and grows slowly.

Although it is available in a variety of foods, a dietary supplement can provide the additional doses of thiamine needed to help enhance hair growth. Look for blends like RebornLabs Hair Fuel Extreme, which includes a mega-dose of thiamine for healthy hair growth and support.




Part of the B vitamin complex, biotin is a potent vitamin for hair growth. Also referred to as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, biotin helps renew existing hair follicles. Although the body produces small amounts of biotin, the addition of nuts, egg yolks and dark leafy greens to the diet can enhance biotin levels.

For the greatest impact, look for a biotin supplement designed to provide hair growth supporting amounts of the vitamin. Viviscal Elite is a hair growth support option that includes high levels of biotin in its hair care supplement. The vitamin blend is provided along with a grooming kit that will help protect existing hair.



Vitamin C

Amongst the many ways it supports overall good health, vitamin C is also an excellent vitamin for hair growth. Available in a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that makes it an important part of hair supporting dietary supplements.

Due to the high doses needed to provide hair growth support, vitamin C supplements can be very large and difficult to swallow. Fortunately, Nature Made has an ‘adult gummies’ chewable hair growth-supporting blend including biotin and collagen that is rich in vitamin C.



Vitamin D

The vitamin renowned for its effects on skin and bone, vitamin D is also a vitamin for hair growth. Vitamin D is converted to its active form in the body by a process that involves exposure to sunlight.

Although excess can increase the risk of disease, around ten minutes of sunshine every day is essential for healthy skin, bones and hair.

Vitamin D enhances hair growth by rejuvenating hair follicles. Vitamin D is an integral component of products like the Mason Natural supplement designed to support healthy hair, skin and nails.



Vitamin E

In order to keep hair follicles healthy, the scalp needs sufficient circulation. Without adequate blood flow, these special skin structures essential for hair growth will wither and die. Given its role in boosting circulation to the scalp, vitamin E is an excellent vitamin for hair growth.

Look for a vitamin E softgel like Solgar, which provides the added benefit of doubling as a topical anti-aging serum when opened and spread on the skin.




While not actually a vitamin, collagen is a fundamental component of healthy hair, skin and nails. This makes it no surprise that collagen is often considered an essential vitamin for hair growth. Collagen supplements can be made from either plant or animal sources.

Some manufacturers, like Emerald Labs, provide collagen supplements that are made from vegetable sources. Their blend even includes a dose of prebiotics and probiotics. These digestive boosters help ensure that the collagen supplement is properly metabolized and absorbed by the body.



Omega 3

Essential Omega 3 fatty acids not only support cardiovascular health, they also enhance hair growth. Fatty fish, nuts and seeds are natural dietary sources of Omega 3s that may not be sufficient in every diet to provide health and hair support.

Look for a supplement like Natrol Extreme Omega, which provides a balance of essential fatty acids at a dose certain to aide overall health as well as hair growth.




Hair loss can be a primary symptom of an iron deficiency. A simple blood test can rule out this important health issue as the source of hair loss.

If an iron deficiency is found, dietary supplementation with a daily dose of iron in an easy-to-absorb formulation could be the answer to improved hair growth as well as other symptoms of this mineral deficiency.

Look for formulations like Cleansemart Chelated Iron supplement for high absorption and bioavailability.



Grape Seed Extract

Helping to both promote hair growth and prevent hair loss, grape seed extract provides an excellent tool for enhancing hair growth.

Grape seed extract supports healthy hair growth both as a topical treatment and when used as a dietary supplement.

Look for a vitamin for hair growth like the PhytoWorx Hair Recovery and Regrowth Supplement designed to work together with a grape seed extract shampoo.



Amino Acids
A robust blend of amino acids, the building-blocks of proteins, is necessary to support healthy hair, skin and nails. Vitamin blends like Naturnetics HairAnew provide a balanced dose of amino acids to support healthy hair growth.

Whichever vitamin for hair growth seems like the best fit, keep in mind that it may take up to three months before results become visible with dietary supplements alone. Consider using specialized haircare products to help enhance the appearance of existing hair while awaiting the benefits of a vitamin for hair growth.